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Artwork accepted!

My artwork has been accepted to hang in a gallery and go on sale! I’m so excited!


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Sitting Pretty 1

Sitting Pretty 1

On her grand tour through Europe, Sally visited a blackbird sanctuary. (See other submissions here).

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Studio 360 photo montages

Studio 360 photo montages

Butterfly balloon

(See all the entries here)

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Can’t believe I haven’t posted since the last paper topic on slavery. Now my students are working on a paper topic about change over time in one of four areas from Reconstruction to WWII:

1. black freedom struggle

2. Jim Crow

3. Contextualize Pauli Murray’s life (We are reading her autobiography)

4. Culture

I just posted this on facebook to the Intellectual history blog I’m a part of.

I’m curious as to what you think about the use of history in this CNN article. I had a student this semester compare slavery to our current education system, in a very ahistorical way. I sent her this piece as an example of how you can connect the past to the present in a historically responsible way. She took it as an example of how I was wrong in critiquing the historicity of her paper. I’m pondering whether or not to hand out the article in class this week, since students’ next paper in African American history is on the period from Reconstruction to WWII. Perhaps it would encourage them to see the importance of that time period to the present. But I’m not entirely convinced that this is actually a historically responsible use of history–or is it just presentism?

The question may turn into my blog post for this week.

For P, I’m reading Utopia. I’m actually really enjoying it, but I am also checking the internet practically every few pages, so it is taking me a long time to read it. I need to follow the advice of this article in The Atlantic and turn off the gadgets. Reading things like Utopia, which I would never have time to pick up on my own, is precisely why I was excited to teach P. So why am I resisting it so much? After having two introductory sessions on it (which explained the story within a story within a story approach) it’s not hard and it is interesting. And I have sooooooooo much else to do, so why am I checking facebook and emailing about my birthday party and texting friends and family and reading CNN articles?

One of the things that is making my heart ache is the loss of art in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

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