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Grading 3 week class

As a continuation to my “Heavens to Betsy” post, the problem and the advantage of these papers is that they are asking really huge, significant historical questions. Questions that they can’t hope to answer with any sophistication in 3 pages or using the sources I gave them. They needed to ask more directed, specific questions about the sources themselves.

But here’s the rub–I always feel like I didn’t do enough to help them. So if it is my fault, how do I grade that? Gotta figure it out soon b/c I want to turn them back before class today.


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Heavens to Betsy

Just read a paper that tries to cover the entire history of the separation of the races in South Africa for the past 200 years in 3 pages and never uses in-class sources, just general web sites. How does one grade that??

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Trying to Grade

Trying to grade a paper written by a white student which is all about the huge amounts of soul in black music “besting the white man” and the genetic superiority of black athletes. The language is seriously over the top. Sometimes I wonder if students write papers like this because they think this is what I want–some kind of love fest. But these are stereotypes just as much as racist statements are stereotypes. Trying to figure out to kindly point this out and also what kind of grade to give this random assortment of quotes.

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Why can’t I just grade these rewrites? I’ve been in the office for like half an hour. I look at a rewrite, feel sad, then go surf the web or check facebook again. It’s pathetic! Ugh!!!

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